Sabtu, 06 Mei 2017

See ya again :)

Hey my lovely blog. Long time not writing here. I hope that I have an enough weekend. Hehe it seems that this blog only work at my weekend.
Writing in my personal blog has a different sensations. I love seeing something cute sometimes, although i also love seeing something dark such as night with stars. I love seeing something that beautiful in my sight, has an aesthetic side. Ok, that's not important to tell to you.
Have a nice weekend all. I prefer to spend my time reading book and listening to the music. I miss praying, long time I have spent my time with rarely praying. But when I'm praying sometimes I soon get bored. wkwk that's rather weird. Reading a yellow holy book also interesting. :) It can calm your heart, especially tasawuf book. but we have to learn fiqh too. :) And of course I still have many fault in my akhlaq that need to be repaired ^^"
Don't be surprised. I'm not that kind girl.

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