Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2016

Long Weekends ♥

I'm so happy to have a very long weekends in this semester. It seems that I've done a lot of busy things in last 5 semesters that make me bored wkwk, even bored to read newspaper. However, some weeks ago I learned a lot of good thing from my religious teachers and books. Especially I started to be diligent of cleaning my house wkwk because in "Akhlaq lil Baniin" kitab, my teacher said that cleaning house is one of a good thing we have to do to maintain our furniture well. When we keep our furniture well, means we have a good behavior so that God and The Prophet will bless us. I just started to clean my house because I hope I'll get His blessings.

That tool is called "sulak" in Javanese language. I use it in morning or afternoon after Ashr to clean most furniture in my parents house. It makes me a little bit happier after doing that, everything becomes clean, moreover when you sweep the floor. Cleaning then becomes one of my useful activities in this long weekends.♥

Second, I start learning to fill my weekends with a lot of useful activities such as reading more news and articles. I may be reducing my time in reading Quran, that's something that I should correct. I also don't want if my news-reading be useless, so I say in my heart that any of my news-reading is only for seeking  His blessing through knowledge. I believe that in this world, nothing more precious than doing something which can give you pahala and His blessing. When you get His blessing, you may get composure inside ur heart. Composure is the most important goal in human life I think. You can do everything wisely and happily when you have composure and you will have no worry to anything you'll undergo. ♥

Even though I know that I still have some obligation to some people such as turning back the lost helmet, safe the money for the next organisation event, and ask for forgiveness. hehehe. I hope God always help me to finish those all. I just feel guilty of having any mistake to the others. I actually lost my composure when feeling guilty, and unfortunately the way I finish it, sometimes I intentionally pretend to forget it (hehe ^^V its not a good thing may be)

And the last, I start loving to decorate writing, and any ribbon design or scrapbook theme. I also set to write in this dusty blog. Have a nice weekend. ♥♥♥


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