Jumat, 12 Agustus 2016


I'm just deadly bored. Feel like that. Maybe this is due to my recent incident. It makes me think that I should learn to see everything is well and we always get our best. I think ,suddenly, how was her feeling become a nihilist and punk. Maybe I just get some reasons I created. Firstly its the feeling when you just feeling 'enough' with this all life surrounds you which always teaches you and forces you to be like this and that, not to do this and that. It sometimes makes you bored, as if you live in a gray-cage so you cannot choose and do something you like to. Secondly, when you feel bored with those rules, you wanna go 'out' from this all, doing something out of ur habit/ their control. Unfortunately sometimes in certain country you will be humiliated socially. This is the reason then why she wants to go abroad, live there and listening to punk music.

Well, its human when we feel bored with all our habits. I learn this from my Islamic teacher. Maybe some people have a little allergy when listening to any term related to 'religion'. But see first, even The Prophet say that bored is something human. The problem is how we can manage our activity when we are bored. I ever feel bored too, just now. I ever think to have a break for 1-2 days from my habits and just sitting in house, reading newspaper, listening to Western music (I actually dislike love song), and one day I ever go outside at night and buy a bottle of cold coffee. I gazed stars and took a breath. I just felt 'enough' that time. Some minutes ago, I felt that again so I suddenly wanna write in this dusty blog. A blog that maybe just contain a lot of trash so that you don't need to read it.


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