Sabtu, 09 Januari 2016


If you're curious about my activities now then i will tell you. But btw i don't care about it because i just want to share some interesting activities i have this semester. Another things i want to tell firstly, i got my passion, just started it, hope God bless me. Second, this is a very fun moment when you just walk your life happily.

well it just some of my picture cz the rest i have found them in my pc


What will you do when you feel bored? I'm walking over social media and blog but i haven't found the way to fill my leisure. I made a tumblr account for my friend, move to
this blogger now. Hehe
I just realized that long time I don't write in this blog. I miss my cute template made by Indonesian Designer.

Actually, i actively wrote in blog when i was in junior high school. It became my hobby and i also edited some html blog template. Now, i'm having end semester test, 5th semester in university. I still remember some moments i've passed through this 2 years. I found some things new, I left some things behind and now I evaluate them. I think the reason for leaving them, choosing their value again. Walk again. Happiness is the point someone look for in his life and everyone has his own definition. God and people surround me is the source of that happiness. I found some construction that big veil still write some trauma related to war-on-terror which finally construct islam radicalist dress-up way that isn't always match with the fact. I just think then, we have to be ourselves, the best of ourselves, we make construction not only constructed.

I'm in a mix-thinking..

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