Minggu, 08 November 2015

Respecting Diversities

In Indonesia, there are a big number of religious organization among youth with different characteristic. I become the one who try to get in one of that religious org, Firstly i see there still a lot of beginners of religious org member feel a lil bit confuse about how to face other orgs and think which is the most true. They see one by one and try to join them all. Finally, as the time goes on and I learn something when I'm being at the core board that

It doesnt matter when there are a lot of youth religious organization growing. No matter what to choose. The matter is that they increase society awareness on religion.

Where to stand? When there is a different way of thinking?

Learn. We have to really-learn about both of sides. Then after really feeling that you've found the real-thing you look for, decide your position.

When you have a position, Do the best for it, and always keep learning :)

Despite of writing this post, I hope i can practice it by myself :) Thats learning.


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